Welcome to Silvia Siret, Family Constellations Life Coach


By Yan Chee Yu | October 7, 2023 6:31 pm

We’re very happy to announce that Silvia Siret, Family Constellations Life Coach, is now part of our team at Helix House.  

Silvia brings with her a wealth of experience, sensitivity and dedication, helping her clients break our of repeating cycles of unhelpful behaviour and healing the wounds of their pasts.

For those of you new to Family Constellations, Silvia’s work is an interactive and collaborative approach to therapy which helps us to make sense of different perspectives and loyalties within relationships of all kinds, and also how ancestral, birth and early childhood experiences can lie at the core of our reactions to life’s challenges.

At Helix House, we’re all very excited to have Silvia join our team of natural health professionals, and we look forward to helping you find and remain in the very best of health.

To book an appointment or discovery call with Silvia, please email us at info@helixhouse.co.uk, or call 01865 243351.