Oliver Cox

Oliver Cox (Osteopathy – including Babies and Children)

About Oliver

Oliver specialises in complex presentations including working with the effects of trauma, and long-term health issues.  He is also skilled in working with babies, small children and mothers during pregnancy.  Oliver works primarily within a Cranial Osteopathic framework also incorporating Visceral and Structural approaches where these are needed.


Osteopathy is a holistic therapy in its true form.  Studying the history of the profession and following its philosophy, through to modern times has enabled me to address a huge range of issues – from localised structural challenges to the long-term effects of unresolved trauma.

I very much love what I do, and I am constantly working and learning to continue to improve.  All my appointments offer all the time and space we will need for us to work well together.”


Oliver graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2004 and has been learning, developing and refining his approach to treatment ever since.   Further study and experience working in Bath-based charity Baby Check, have extended Oliver’s work into the treatment of babies and children, and also within pregnancy.


“I am interested in how life, health, and people are viewed from many different perspectives and am always reading and researching different viewpoints.

Outside of my Osteopathic studies and work, I have looked at exercise and movement including becoming a Yoga teacher. I also teach an 8-week meditation course that incorporates meditation with how the body re-balances and heals itself.


Oliver lives in Wallingford with his wife, two daughters, and a Collie.



  • Adult Initial Appointment  (up to 1 hour) £85
  • Adult Follow-Up Appointment  (up to 1 hour) £85
  • Child Initial Appointment  (up to 1 hour) £85
  • Child Follow-Up Appointment  (up to 30 minutes) £55




“Oliver has this amazing calming energy, from the first moment I spoke to him on the phone, I knew he was the person to treat me. He didn’t rush me, he gently listened fully to my symptoms and over just a few treatments he enabled me to move past some massive trauma pain and also emotional pain that went with it. I felt heard, understood and supported. Finding someone that treats in this special way is a real gift. I am so happy to know I have Oliver in my recovery toolbox. Highly recommend.”



“Empathetic and expert treatment. Amazing results. Thank you.”



“Just got round to reviewing after having been a number of times. So friendly and so helpful! You never feel rushed and to this day I don’t know what he does but it works!!  He’s helped me, my wife and our two young sons. Highly recommend!!!”



“Early Summer 2022, I had a diagnosis from an eminent surgeon of spinal stenosis L4/L5 with associated nerve root neuropathy entailing a worrying drop foot, loss of power and sensory loss of the lower right limb.  Surgery was advised as a matter of urgency.  I rang Mr Oliver Cox to ask if he could help me avoid surgery and take a non-invasive approach.  He explained that he was confident he could help me in this non-invasive approach.  We have completed 9 one-hour sessions of Oliver’s professional, unique method of Osteopathy.  I am delighted to report that, as result of his exceptional professional talents, my symptoms have completely gone, my posture is soo much improved, pain gone and my life, generally, 100 % better.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



“Oliver is truly a Magician!  I started seeing Oliver with lower back problems and I now see him every few months to bring my body back into alignment to allow me to be at my best.  His approach using cranial Osteopathy really does ‘fix’ all aspects of your body.  When I leave his clinic, I have to adjust my car rear-view mirror as I’m physically taller after my spine has relaxed into its correct position.  I have taken my elderly mother to see Oliver and my 11-year-old son to help with a range of problems from head-aches to problematic ankles.  Oliver is kind, welcoming, a safe space and I am hugely grateful that I was introduced to him. He has made a world of difference in my day to day activities.”



“I was introduced to Oliver through a Reflexologist friend who believed I would benefit from his expertise. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the treatment although I knew he had been trained by a previous Osteopath I used, who was well known and highly respected for his work.  Oliver has a very calm and gentle persona and puts you at ease from the moment you arrive.  My work is demanding and stressful and I suffer from severe tension in my neck, shoulder and often have feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious, which can make it difficult to sleep.  After Oliver’s treatment I feel as though he has reset my body and mind and I feel much calmer, rebalanced and more myself again.  I am currently recovering from Long Covid and his sessions make me feel hopeful I will fully recover one day.  I often become so relaxed, I can’t feel the treatment table beneath me and once wondered whether I was breathing at all!  Both of my daughters enjoyed their treatments with Oliver too, one of whom is Autistic and was resistant to the idea of how a treatment could help with her anxiety, after her treatment she became soporific and wanted to go to sleep.  Oliver has never suggested a course of treatments and leaves it up to me when I feel I need to be seen again.  I would highly recommend Oliver’s work to everyone.  It is hard for me to explain how Biodynamic Osteopathy is so effective. Oliver has an amazing skill which I hope I can continue to benefit from.”



“Ollie is THE most amazing therapist.  Myself and my family see him regularly, and we always come away feeling fabulous, balanced and re-energised.  Initially we went for muscular problems but have subsequently found he treats physical and emotional issues with ease.”



“Oliver has helped me maintain a healthy body for a good few years now.  I go to him when I feel unbalanced or in physical pain and come out feeling amazing!  I highly recommend Oliver if you are suffering from any pain in the body.”



“Ollie is an amazing Osteopath who myself and my family have been visiting for many years.  He completely understands each and every one of our various ailments.  After each treatment you come out pain free and completely re-energised. He’s truly a very skilled Osteopath.”



“Oliver is AMAZING, warm, sincere, empathetic man.  He keeps me playing golf three times a week!! and when no one else could help, he made me well enough to attend my daughters wedding.  I send all my friends to him, he really is a truly lovely man.”


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