Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes (Internal Family Systems informed Transformational Coach)

About Richard

Richard specialises in helping clients navigating long-term challenges in their personal or professional lives using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach.  He enjoys helping people re-engage with their creativity, curiosity and aliveness to arrive at their full potential.


In addition to his IFS training with Ruud Baanders and Derek Scott, Richard has trained extensively in Non-Violent Communications (NVC) over the last two decades, as well as in the Diamond Approach – a contemporary spiritual path which supports the practice of presence, using meditation and inquiry, since 1999.



  • Initial discovery appointment  (1 hour) Free
  • Follow-up appointment  (1 hour) £80

Richard believes that a good connection between practitioner and client is of the utmost importance and that financial reasons should not prevent anyone from seeking help, and offers concessionary rates for follow-up appointments.  If you would like to discuss a fee reduction, Richard is most happy to discuss this during your free discovery appointment.



“I am full of gratitude to Richard for introducing me to IFS.  Sessions with Richard have allowed me to heal things in such a deep and helpful way.  I am amazed at this wonderful way of working.   Richard uses skill and compassion and I highly recommend him as a safe and effective practitioner. “

– D.F.


“Richard has helped me clear some blockages in my life.  He worked alongside me to make me feel safe and comfortable. I have recommended him to friends, and I would recommend him to you.”

– B.H.


“Richard brings his own unique qualities of attention, curiosity, imagination, and humour to this work. He combines these qualities with a thoroughgoing concern for his client’s boundaries, vulnerabilities, and emotional wellbeing. I felt, throughout, that I was in entirely safe hands.”

– B.J.

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