Yan-Chee Yu

Yan-Chee Yu, M.Ost, M.A. (Cantab) (Osteopathy, Director of Helix House)

About Yan

Yan is an Osteopath and the Director of Helix House.  He has particular interests and experience in long-standing or complex conditions, especially where stress, or emotional or physical trauma are affecting the body’s natural healing capacity.


In addition to his formal training as an Osteopath, Yan has spent over two decades training in-depth in Qigong and Meditation, learning to experience first-hand how the physical body is affected by its qi (energy) and by the qi of thoughts and emotions.  Through this first-hand experience, Yan has developed an integrated, holistic approach, enabling him to better understand each patient as an individual, and support their needs.


“The most important thing that we do when we work together is to listen carefully – not just to what you are saying verbally, but also what your body is having difficulty communicating.

Working together, with each patient in this way, allows internal conflicts both hidden and obvious to be reconciled and integrated, and this allows your natural resilience and healing capacities to act to their fullest potential.”


Yan is a graduate of the British School of Osteopathy, and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.  As an Osteopath, he works primarily using the gentle techniques of Cranial Osteopathy in addition to Visceral and Structural methods where needed.



  • Initial Appointment  (up to 1 hour) £80
  • Follow-up appointment  (up to 1 hour) £80

Concessionary rates  are available on request – Yan would like to ensure that financial reasons do prevent anyone from seeking the help they need.  Please email info@helixhouse.co.uk for details.




“I came to Helix house and to Yan six months after my mother’s suicide because I felt that so much was being held within my body that I hardly understood and could not begin to know how to unravel.  I was stuck within my grief feeling shock, severe anxiety, loneliness and fear.

With regular treatment over the last 10 months Yan has helped me to resolve my trauma; from the beginning of my treatments with Yan I could feel the way in which my body was progressively un-crumpling both the physical and emotional shock held within it. Yan’s treatments have been instrumental in supporting my growth in terms of my emotional self-comprehension and independence.”

– C.L., Oxford



“My whole family have been seeing Yan over the past year for various reasons.  Mainly trauma/stress related issues that had built up to become more physical pains and strains.

His work is extremely powerful and even when we could no longer see him in person due to COVID restrictions, his online work was still of extreme benefit to us all.

All of us in our house from aged 10 – 50 years old would highly recommend a session with Yan as he manages to always get to the root cause of the problem! “

– O.M., Newbury



“The benefits I have experienced from working with Yan have been numerous.  Physical incidents, experiences and accidents over a life time proved to be a portal through which certain mental values, emotions and wounds have been identified and addressed with Yan’s skill.  Self perceptions linked to relationships have also changed and become more balanced and my body has responded with improved mobility and greater ease, as pains reduced, moved or went.

Yan has a clear direct approach.  His method of balancing is unique, astonishing and effective.

Each session moves directly from the previous until you agree the work is done.  I can highly recommend him.  Nothing short of an education!”

– K.W., Oxford



“I started treatment sessions with Yan 16 months ago to initially address chronic lower body pain. The consultations have been powerfully healing.  I feel better, sleep more restfully and generally feel more functional and happier in day-to-day life.

Yan is a warm, calm, compassionate professional, able to quickly get to the source of issues.  I highly recommend his services to friends and loved ones and owe him a massive debt of gratitude for the transformation I have experienced.” 

– N.H., Newbury



“Yan’s treatment has improved my life in more ways than I had expected.  His holistic and emotionally engaged approach to osteopathy relieved the physical pains and many emotional and psychological pains at the same time!  He is a remarkable therapist and I am exceedingly glad to have crossed his path.  I would recommend him to anyone in pain. I feel more and more empowered to direct my own wellness and take responsibility for how I interact with the world – both locally and further afield.”

– A.C., Abingdon



“When I first started seeing Yan I had ongoing issues with my knee due to a skiing accident a few years prior.  I’m an aerialist in my spare time, doing mainly trapeze, and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry on doing this over time.  But Yan’s focus was on fixing the issue in my body so that I can carry on doing what I love and with his treatment managed to do just that.  This was a few years ago and I’m still able to do my aerial training without problems.

Since then I’ve been seeing Yan from time to time with upcoming issues, which mostly take one or two sessions to sort out.  I really love his holistic approach and he’s helped me recognize patterns in my everyday life that are causing me physical problems.

Yan is a wonderful Osteopath and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

– I.T., London



“I started seeing Yan in online appointments during lockdown.  I was particularly unwell and had been in bed for about 6 months.  I was experiencing vestibular migraines and back pain.  One of the worst symptoms was vertigo, which sets off the most terrible anxiety and panic attacks.

I have been to see lots of therapists over the years and I’ve only met a couple of amazing practitioners, Yan being one of them.

From my first consultation Yan managed to remove the panic and anxiety I was experiencing, and through the work we did, I could actually feel myself physically calming down in the appointment, which was incredible.

Yan has a unique ability to source the root of the problem and unravel it.  I haven’t met or heard of anyone like him and his abilities.  He’s incredibly professional and caring and I feel very blessed to have met him.

My health keeps getting better and I’m able to do so much more than before.  I’m so very grateful for his support and would highly recommend anyone to see him.”

– O.S., Ramsbury



“I cannot recommend treatment with Yan enough.

His calm, understanding and non-judgemental nature allows for a deep healing experience, entirely led by the patient.

I have been having treatment with Yan for nearly 5 years now (both face-to-face and remotely) and the benefits to my health are huge.

He can help with physical pain or discomfort in the body but is also a great listener which can soothe the mental discomfort going along with the physical pain.  I always feel like he really understands me.  Treatment may feel very gentle, but it works amazingly well. 

Yan is very skilled and experienced and I trust and respect him immensely.”

– A.W., London



“I can wholeheartedly recommend Yan as an exceptionally skilled and highly effective practitioner. 

To say that having treatments with Yan has greatly changed my life for the better would be a huge understatement.  Having tried many healing modalities over the years, in an attempt to resolve a variety of very difficult health issues, I finally found in Yan a practitioner who was up to the task of slowly untangling some extremely knotty, complicated, and interconnected problems that I couldn’t have solved on my own.

Having seen a number of other practitioners over the years, of many kinds, I have found Yan’s diagnostic and treatment techniques to be second to none – and the work that I have done with him has made by far the most difference of anything I’ve ever tried.  Having somewhat given up hope of getting really well, I am extremely grateful for the positive difference that the treatments are making to my life and my wellness! I finally feel that I am truly healing.

Yan has great integrity and intelligence, combined with a great deal of kindness, compassion, and care for his patients, and I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone.”

– H.K., Oxford.



“I could always feel the difference after seeing Yan – a solid support (physically and mentally) for me to sail through life.  Yan is easy to talk to and has a calm presence.  He is well-qualified, knowledgeable with a practical down to earth approach.  I’ve recommended clients to Yan over the years and will definitely continue to do so.”

– M.C., Newbury



“I have been seeing Yan for several months. He has treated me for back pain and exhaustion. His work is extraordinary and extremely effective. His wisdom and humour shine though all that he does. I have recommended several friends to see him and all have reported back positively. I would recommend him to anyone in need of cranial osteopathic work.”

– J.M., Oxford



” I visited Yan with ongoing issues I had following a shoulder injury and operation from 10 years ago. Although I had had some good physio this had not been able to fully sort the problem.

I am a paddlesport coach and use my arms and shoulders a lot. For the last year I had been having ongoing mobility problems and pain in my left upper arm/shoulder and was finding it difficult to paddle, especially when I had to put any weight on my left arm such as when pressing down to get back onto my stand up paddleboard. Yan explained that following the operation my arm had forgotten how it was attached to the rest of my body, so any knocks it took were isolated to the shoulder, rather than dissipated further. Following a course of treatment my arm now feels much more connected, the pain has gone, and I am able to paddle white water again confidently. This realignment of my body has also had the additional benefit that I can now hike for more than two hours without my lower back going into spasm.

I highly recommend Yan to anyone who has issues with long term recovery. Yan is a very caring person who works with you to understand and rectify your problem, whilst also taking time to explain what he is doing and why. He has a very detailed understanding of how a body works and treats you in a very precise but also holistic way.”

– L.R., Oxford



“While visiting UK on a holiday that summer, a good friend recommended me to visit Yan. I had never visited an osteopath before, and Yan turned out to be one of the best healers that I have worked with. After only a few sessions with him my back and right ankle were much better, my right shoulder became less painful and my body became more integrated when I moved.

Yan is also a kind and accepting person. I must thank him again for his kindness and patience in helping me through my recovery. I still always make time to visit him when I come to UK, every healing session with him have been tremendously effective and helpful for me.”

– G.K., Bangkok



“I originally approached Yan with shoulder pain which I had been suffering from for over a year and was getting worse. Yan used a combination of gentle touch and body manipulation over a number of weeks and it took very little time for me to begin to notice the difference. Since receiving treatment from Yan I have suffered very infrequently from shoulder trouble and when it does reoccur I am aware of a little discomfort but I no longer feel any pain.

Yan works holistically and though I approached him for help with my shoulder, he has also done a lot of work on my lower back and other areas where I hold tension. Most significantly, Yan is a very accepting and kind person and, as a psychotherapist in training, I have felt that the combination of his body work and bedside manner has been immensely healing. I would highly recommend him to anyone but especially to those in caring professions who need additional support due to the demands of their jobs.”

– S.E., London



“To be perfectly honest I did not have any high expectations before my first appointment with Yan.  I had been suffering from a very persistent and debilitating prolapsed disc for almost three months.  Private medical insurance and a long list of specialists had not only been ineffective – they had made my back worse.

Where other specialists despaired because my back problems did not conform to the textbook, Yan listened to what my body was trying to tell me.  He was then able to respond accordingly and help my disc heal.  In his very gentle way Yan has shown me that it is not my body’s fault if I am treating it badly.

I have finally been able to return to my rather stressful job in the City.  Whereas before I absorbed all the stress around me I am now possibly the most relaxed person in the office – thanks to Yan and much to my colleagues’ envy.  I highly recommend Yan and, having experienced firsthand what he can do, trust him completely.”

– E.B., London



“Having known Yan for some years now I have seen him develop from a student of Osteopathy to a practitioner. I have received treatment from Yan on a chronic problem with my knee. Yan only needed to give me one treatment and I haven’t been back since as the problems have abated entirely.

What I find most useful is the fact that Yan not only treats but seeks to educate the patient by giving an explanation as to what he is doing, how he does it and methods we can take to prevent the problem from arising again. Somewhat of an unusual approach as in some way he is putting himself out of business! I have no hesitation in recommending Yan.”

– T.G., London



“Yan was recommended to me by a friend as I had been having bad knee pain for more than 2 years.  Initially, I was a bit sceptical; the doctors I saw for the last 2 years had been saying that my knees were injured and nothing could be done apart from avoiding painful activities. Thus, I was very surprised when only after my first session with Yan I was already feeling a lot better; I could definitely see the difference in the way I stood, walked and sat. In only two more sessions with Yan, I could go back to living my life as it was before I injured my knees – I could jog, take the stairs, sit down, and stand up without feeling the pain anymore. Yan listened to what my body was telling him and it worked.

What I particularly valued was the time he took to explain to me the methods that he uses and to give me some invaluable tips and techniques on stretching, walking, standing and exercising.

I would definitely recommend Yan. He is a great osteopath and it works – I promise you. I truly believe that Yan can cure any mechanical problem and I am very thankful to him for giving me my knees back.”

– P.P., London



“I have been doing various martial arts over the years, but have found all these exercises had taken their toll on my body. Prior to treatment,  I would find that it wouldn’t take me long before my left leg would tire out when standing or walking for long periods of time as my psoas on my right side was shorter than my left as a result of training poorly.

After the initial treatment, I decided to walk instead of my usual cycling to work. I found that my left leg felt a lot warmer than usual due to better circulation.  Since then, I have found walking and standing easier and my legs feel a lot more connected to the rest of my body.

I would recommend Yan to anyone as I have found the treatment has been highly effective and feel more balanced than I have in years.”

– A.W., Cambridge

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