Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching gives you the power to make strides forward. Based on a strong and forward-focussed collaborative partnership, you and your coach will work to identify and achieve your personal and professional goals, centred on your strengths, values and aspirations.

Active listening, powerful questioning and tailored techniques will help you and your coach gain clarity on your objectives, allowing you to develop your roadmap to success. Through visualisation, goal setting and action planning, your coach will help keep you on track through developing accountability, whilst supporting you in taking concrete steps towards your goals.



Emphasising self-discovery, fostering self-awareness, and challenging limiting beliefs and behaviours, you and your coach will work towards expanding perspectives and overcoming obstacles through a process of steadfast encouragement and insightful feedback.

Through working with a Life Coach, you might discover how to unlock hidden potential, maximise performance and find satisfaction and fulfilment in many aspects of your life.

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Our Life Coaching specialist is Silvia Siret – click on her name to find out more.

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