Family Constellations

What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations helps us to find our place in the world. As a method that helps us explore and understand hidden dynamics in networks of our relationships, Family Constellations can help us make peace with the past and present, and find purpose. In addition, this approach can help us recognise how ancestral, birth, and early childhood experiences can lie at the core of our responses to life’s challenges – and from this understanding, how to create positive change.

Being connected to our bodies in a concrete and grounded fashion is central to the work of Family Constellations, helping us to find a safe space in which we can more clearly feel and express our truths.



Through mapping out our perceptions of ourselves within our family and other relationship systems, we widen our perspectives, see our bigger pictures, and can then understand what is truly at play within our relationships.

In turn, this can help us shed new light on underlying loyalties and patterns in our relationships, providing insight into how we can reconcile our narratives, heal the wounds of our pasts, and go beyond repeating cycles of unhelpful behaviour.

The work of Family Constellations is highly tailored to each individual, working in close collaboration with a facilitator, who both listens carefully and asks questions to aid in our explorations, helping us to arrive at reconnection with our sense of authenticity, a deeper sense of self-trust, and sense of purpose and direction in life.


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