Internal Family Systems

What is Internal Family Systems?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) welcomes all parts of you and helps them to work as a team.  Primarily a talking based therapy, IFS works with your mind, feelings and bodily sensations, helping you to identify parts of your being that are out of step with the rest of you, recognise what these parts need, and help all the parts of you work together as a whole.



In times of difficulty, we can often feel like different parts of us are pulling or pushing in opposite directions, preventing us from progressing in life.  By learning to work with these different parts, the work of IFS can help us in


  • Releasing stress and growing self-compassion
  • Unblocking creativity, rebalancing and healing our inner critics
  • Navigating key decisions, and completing important tasks
  • Improving relationships in our personal and professional lives


Through learning to carefully listen to ourselves, we can learn to meet the needs of all the different parts of our being, resolving internal conflict and allowing these parts to work together as a team, enabling us to reach our goals in life through tools which we can use for the rest of our lives.


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