Injury Rehabilitation & Holistic Bodywork

What is Injury Rehabilitation & Holistic Bodywork?

Injury Rehabilitation & Holistic Bodywork uses a combination of eastern and western therapeutic techniques to help your body heal and rebalance from an injury, or simply from stress, emotional upheaval or chronic tension.  In your initial consultation and assessment the therapist will discuss with you your state of health and relevant history, and any contraindications. This will include looking at your posture, alignment of joints, and conducting simple physical tests with you to help pinpoint problem areas.  Your treatment will comprise a combination of tools appropriate to your condition, including:

  • massage (sports injury and remedial techniques),
  • cupping,
  • moxa,
  • acupressure, and
  • qigong exercises to support your treatment.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy where a vacuum is created inside a glass or plastic cup placed on the skin, which draws the skin and muscle inside the cup. The cup can then be moved over the skin in a gliding motion while the suction is active. It can be used on acupoints and along the external path of meridians. Cupping can release deep muscle tension and improve muscular function, as its effects penetrate deeply into the tissues.

Moxibustion (the burning of moxa) is a heat therapy that has been used for centuries in China, both on its own and as part of acupuncture. In moxibustion, a cylinder of finely crushed and compacted herb (Artemisia vulgaris) is lit and slowly smoulders without flame to produce a penetrating heat which can be directed to joints, local tissue, and acupoints.  It is held at a comfortable distance from the skin to produce varying degrees of therapeutic heat.

Qigong is a system of movement dating back at least 2,000 years. It uses breath and intention to balance the body, mind and emotions. It is designed to gently work muscles, tendons and ligaments, and can be a useful rehabilitative exercise as well as one for general maintenance of joint mobility and health.

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