Silvia Siret

Silvia Siret (Family Constellations, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy)

About Silvia

Silvia is a dedicated and trauma-informed Life Coach, Family Constellations Facilitator and Psychotherapist, helping guide you on your journey towards holistic well-being, self-discovery, and growth. Committed to accompanying you through life’s complex landscape, Silvia offers services nurturing mind, body and spirit for profound transformation.


Silvia’s Expertise:

  • Self-Development and Personal Growth:  Unearth hidden potential and embark on a transformative journey.  Find your place in your family and society.
  • Healing Unresolved Ancestral and Personal Trauma:  Liberate from past burdens.
  • Nurturing Connections and Healing Across Generations:  Strengthen bonds, resolve conflicts, and heal through generations.
  • Holistic Well-being – Exploring Body-Mind Connection:  Approach health challenges comprehensively by uncovering root causes.
  • Exploring Deeper Causes:  Address profound aspects of challenges like childlessness and partner-seeking emanating from the core of your being.
  • Empowerment Through Self-Care, Awareness, and Deep Inner Growth:  Cultivate peace, resilience, and mindfulness for personal growth.
  • Career Orientation and Organisational Conflict Resolution:  Align your abilities and passions with your career. Understand and resolve organisational conflicts.
  • Bridging Cultural Differences:  Foster harmony and unity by bridging cultural gaps.

Embark on a transformative journey with Silvia to create a life of purpose, healing, and fulfilment.


Training & Qualifications 

  • Group Facilitation, Life Coaching, Self-Development; Mindfulness, with Klaus Frey, Baden-Baden, Germany.
  • Family Constellations facilitation with internationally acclaimed teachers.
  • Shadow Work, with Nir Esterman (Israel).
  • Bio-energetic Bodywork with Joern Moerck (Denmark).
  • Counselling Level 3, at Oxford College.
  • Ongoing further education at OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre, and with internationally acclaimed Family Constellations teachers.


Registered Bodies & Organisational Positions

  • Member of OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
  • ISCA Member (International Systemic Constellations Association)
  • Founder and Director OxISC (Oxfordshire Initiative for Systems Constellations – Community Organisation).



  • Phone/Online Discovery Call  (20 minutes)  FREE
  • Initial appointment – Life Coaching/Psychotherapy  (1 hour)  £75
  • Follow on appointment – Life Coaching/Psychotherapy  (1 hour)  £75
  • Family Constellations  appointments are available on request – please contact Helix House via email or call 01865 243351 for more information.




“I am a great believer in Family Constellations Therapy and Silvia was a perfect person to facilitate and guide me through two sessions I had with her.  The therapy is very powerful, and can also be very intense, as it gets right into the core of the problem.  Silvia has amazing skills to create a safe, compassionate, but professional space, so I could fully open up and take the most of the session.  I have no doubt that Silvia’s online group workshop I joined a couple of years ago helped me to get pregnant after having some health struggles.”

– Joanna


“Silvia is an excellent coach; I’ve worked with her on a range of issues over the last 18 months and always felt well supported.  She knows how to challenge my thinking and has clearly studied many different aspects of identity that play into personal challenges.  She is unfailingly positive and present in our sessions and knows how to use constellations to great effect.  I’ve also been to her workshops and found them enjoyable and enlightening.”

– Duncan


“Silvia is a strong safe facilitator.  If you are curious about what makes your family the way it is, give it a try.  Be ready to be astonished by the power of the work.”

– Louise


“Silvia is an absolutely fantastic coach.  She has got not only the passion for her work but also a very deep understanding of human soul and mind as well as dependence between these two.  Her work combines all that is needed for personal growth, healing process and solving issues.  She uses her wide psychological knowledge, different therapeutic techniques, always correctly chosen, with deep understanding of the nature of your problem and desired goal of where you want to be, who you want to be and what relationship you want to have with other people.  Simple saying: balance and harmony are brought through her work.

If you are looking for somebody who will understand, listen and help you to solve problems, dilemmas, issues – you are definitely in good hands.  I have been working with Silvia for over two years.  Participated in her workshops, private sessions, family constellations and I am recommending Silvia’s work and services with full confidence.”

– Aleksandra


“Silvia is an authentic, wise, and open hearted guide who has trodden the path to healing herself, and has all the skills and sensitivity needed to help others on their journey to a happier future, however difficult it may be to face the baggage carried from the past.  Silvia holds space so well.”

– Fiona


“I had a deep and surprisingly transforming session with Silvia.  I did not know it was Silvia that I needed but somehow she responded to my unspoken need and appeared at the right time with the right approach.  We worked using the online board and I was able to gain accurate insight into the nature of my problem.  As my problem was longstanding, just gaining insight into it felt like a big deal in itself.  Toward the end of the session, Silvia suggested a one-step intervention that was just right: not too much and not too little, perfect for what I was able to cope with.  This one small step, was such a huge deal for me that I am still processing and getting used to this change in my core coping strategy. 

I felt safe during my session as I was given all the needed time.  I also learned the importance of not rushing toward a solution.  When time is given to explore the nature of the problem, a solution becomes a naturally occurring step forward.  I highly recommend working with Silvia as she was able to address a sensitive issue of mine that I was not able to address for 10 years!  Thank you.”

– Aga

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