What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy helps you get moving when you’re stuck in life.  Best known for treating joint and muscle pain (including lower back pain), Osteopathy can also help with conditions ranging from digestive disorders to recovery from stress, burnout and trauma.



Primarily a hands-on approach, Osteopathic treatment is governed by a holistic philosophy, bringing together a clear understanding of all aspects of your life, to help you reconnect with your own natural resilience.  Its methods are safe, gentle and effective, addressing us as individuals in our own specific situations.

Each of our bodies are reflections of our conscious responses and unconscious compensations to the unique challenges we have faced in our lives.  Over time, these challenges can lead to our intrinsic healing capacities becoming obstructed or overwhelmed, allowing us to be injured more easily, or leaving us trapped under a backlog.



Osteopathy helps us recognise how this is occurring, whether through external factors like our environments or life events, or internal factors like stress and trauma.

Addressing these factors in turn, Osteopathy begins releasing our tensions, rebalancing our bodies, and reconnecting us with innate wholeness and wellbeing.


Our Team

Helix House’s resident Osteopaths are Yan-Chee Yu, Clive Lindley-Jones and Oliver Cox – click on their names to find out more about their individual skills and specialisms.

To book an appointment now, call 01865 243351 or email us at info@helixhouse.co.uk.

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