COVID-19 Policy

Helix House COVID-19 Policy

In line with government and professional guidelines, Helix House has put in place measures to ensure your safety and security during face-to-face appointments.

Firstly, to ensure effective social distancing:

Appointment Administration

All appointments will be pre-booked only, and you will be collected from the front door by your practitioner at the start of your appointment (patients will be asked not to arrive early or late).  This will allow us to manage who is present in the clinic at any one time, and to allow for contact tracing if required.

Booking appointments and arranging contactless payment, for example, by bank transfer, will be organised by your practitioner.

Pre and post-appointment monitoring for COVID symptoms will be required for all patients and practitioners, with protocols in place for contacting those who may have been in contact. Patients and chaperones will be informed prior to their first appointment that they should not visit if they have symptoms of infection, such as COVID and other respiratory/Flu-like conditions.  Instead, they should inform their practitioner and reschedule their appointment.


Secondly, to allow for heightened cleaning and hygiene:

Unnecessary items have been removed, including all linens from treatment rooms, and all refreshment equipment.  Patients will be asked to bring their own refreshments, towels and blankets (if used).

Stringent cleaning regimes have been put in place to ensure that all clinic areas (including furniture, equipment, touch surfaces and floors) used during an appointment are thoroughly cleaned between every patient.

Practitioners will be wearing PPE in line with government and professional guidelines.  At present, these guidelines state that face masks are optional for both practitioners and patients, however, we will happily wear face masks if a patient is immune suppressed or living with someone who is at high risk and would feel more comfortable if we were to do so.

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