Kerstin Lindley-Jones M.A.

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Kerstin Lindley-Jones is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor and holds a diploma in Astrological Psychological Counselling from the Huber Institute of Astrology in Zurich.

She has studied the ‘life mastery’ and personal management skills of Neuro Associative Conditioning with Anthony Robbins.

Kerstin has been teaching groups and running a private individual practice since the 1970’s.

‘For me it was Kerstin’s un-shakability that helped most as I began to trust that I could bring anything I needed to into our sessions. Kerstin always seemed to have faith in me and my abilities, no matter how stuck or uninspired I felt in my work, or what muddle I felt myself and my client to be in. Oftentimes my sense of inadequacy or despair was transformed by the honouring and the deep creativity of the space she provided. Her ability to penetrate gently but firmly through to the core of the matter, along with her presence of love, helped me many times to shift from a place of ego and stuck-ness to a wider, more encompassing soul perspective in my work with clients. The best thing was that I always felt lighter leaving my supervision sessions, more able to be with myself and therefore more able to be with my clients.’
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I was born and grew up in Sweden and moved to the UK in 1972

After having accepted that work in the academic sector was not for me, I at first trained in Intuitive Massage and ran groups teaching this together with my husband Clive.

I was very involved with, what was then called, Humanistic Psychology, in its different forms – Gestalt, Bio-Energetics, Encounter etc.

I also trained in healing, having found that my hands seem to ‘know’ what to do of their own accord. So, a lot of the massage had components of hands-on healing.

The massage work developed into more and more psychological work and I eventually trained in Transpersonal Psychology, finishing in 1988 and gaining my Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology and membership in the UK Council of Psychotherapy when the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology joined this body in 1997.

During the 1980’s I was very involved in my role as a mother and for 7 years was part of a group who started and ran a Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten in Oxford. This was a great learning experience for me and I’m very grateful for the insights and knowledge that it gave, much of which has been called upon in my psychotherapy practice.

In the beginning of the 1990’s I trained in Huber Astrology and was awarded a Diploma in Astrological Counselling in 1997. The astrological knowledge is adding very helpful insights into the issues that therapy clients may be struggling with, and I  find this tool both invaluable and exciting.

I am an HSP – a Highly Sensitive Person and have explored this trait both personally and academically since I found out about it. This is helping me to inform and support other people with this trait (see  for more information).

One positive aspect of being a Highly Sensitive Person is that we tend to respond well to positive environmental situations including good psychotherapy, so I have found that many of my clients as well as supervisees come from this minority group of humanity (30% of people).

Since I chose not to re-accredit with the UKCP in 2013, I am freer to use all the different skills and tools that I have acquired over my many years working with people in some kind of healing capacity, so I see my work these days as being coaching, mentoring, spiritual guidance as well as psychotherapy – whatever is called for in the moment.