Yan-Chee Yu, Clive and Kerstin Lindley-Jones: The Old Guard and the New.


By Yan Chee Yu | March 17, 2023 1:31 am

All change at Helix House, so that we can stay the same and keep on providing you with the best quality care!

While nothing stays the same in life for long, change is coming to Helix House, but never fear, all that you appreciate that is special and unique, in the care we all give to our patients and clients will not change.

In 2019, we were happy that our colleague, experienced Osteopath Yan-Chee Yu, agreed to be our third Director with a view to fully taking over Helix House after June 2021. This has naturally instigated a range of behind the scenes improvements and updates that would have needed to be undertaken soon anyway.

When Kerstin and I set up Helix House decades ago, our mission was to make a difference in the lives we were privileged to touch, have fun, and always be our best. We hope that in trusting us with your care in a wide variety of ways, we have fulfilled that mission.

Persistent pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population in the UK.  Low back pain and depression are two of the most common causes of disability in the UK.  At Helix House we have decades of experience in helping you support the optimal environment for health.  Osteopaths seek to enhance the body’s own inherent healing mechanism, which may be undermined by pain or dysfunction, and in doing so, facilitate natural healing and wellbeing.  This applies in our different, special ways to all our practitioners at Helix House, whether we are Psychotherapists, Acupuncturists or specialists in Traditional Chinese Injury Rehabilitation.

All practitioners at Helix House have undergone rigorous, Masters-level training in their speciality and are highly trained healthcare professionals who, within their field, can diagnose, treat, and support you across a range of health issues.  We look forward to seeing if we can help you through a wide variety of health and wellness challenges.

Clive Lindley-Jones B.Ed. (Hons), D.O., D.I.B.A.K. 

Yan-Chee Yu M.Ost, M.A. (Cantab)

Directors, Helix House Natural Health