This approach to psychotherapy sees every person as a unique and miraculous part of creation. Its aim is to liberate and inspire people to play their full role in the world, with delight, creativity, imagination, sense of humour, a great capacity to love, and to cope with challenges as they arise.

Kerstin works eclectically, calling on a diverse range of methods and practices to achieve the most effective results for her clients, supervisees and groups.

The Background

In the late 1960’s Stanislav Grof, then Chief of Psychiatric Research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, made the acquaintance of a small group of professionals, including Abraham Maslow, Anthony Sutich, and James Fadiman, who shared his belief that the time was ripe for launching a new movement in psychology, focusing on the study of consciousness and recognising the significance of the spiritual dimensions of the psyche. After several meetings aimed at clarification of these new concepts, they decided to call this new orientation ‘transpersonal psychology’. This was soon followed by the launching of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology.

FAQs – Transpersonal Psychotheraphy

If I start coming for therapy/counselling, how long will I have to come for?

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Well the answer to this question is a little like the answer to the question: How long is a piece of string? In some instances, people are asking for crisis management. It might be a bereavement situation, or break-up of a marriage for example. In these instances a few sessions may well be enough. If, however, the “problem” is one that you’ve had for a long time and it keeps making life hard for you, it may take longer.

What do you do in your sessions?

I have a lot of different tools available, so although a lot of the time is spent talking, I might suggest that you do a drawing, or we might use objects to help consider an issue. Sometimes I use cards to help with what we are looking at. It really depends on what I sense the situation calls for and I let my experience and intuition lead me there.

I have never talked to anybody about myself before and feel uncomfortable about doing so.

This is a very normal feeling that will pass very soon.

I have talked with friends and counsellors before. How could you help where they haven’t?

Sometimes we are very good at talking around our challenges, but we don’t get any further. I have tools and experience to help move past the “talking about” level and reach levels where true change can happen.