What is Transpersonal Coaching?

‘Transpersonal means “beyond the person”. Its psychology is based on the idea of a spiritual centre or self within each individual. It draws together threads and influences from many high-profile, 20th-century psychologists such as Abraham Maslow (who explored the relationship between self-realisation and motivation),Victor Frankl (a prisoner of Second World War concentration camps who found that those who could invest their lives with meaning had a greater chance of survival), and Carl Jung (who studied how individuals can feel fulfilled).

The late, but still influential, transpersonal psychologist Ian Gordon-Brown defined his task and that of his colleagues as “facilitating the release of energy [from the self] in individuals and in groups”.

It is this reference to energy, combined with values, which is most relevant in understanding the role of transpersonal coaching and how it chimes perfectly with the perception of coaching as a positive, as opposed to remedial, activity.’

Taken from article first published in Training and Coaching Today

If you want to read the whole article click on this link: www.personneltoday.com/articles/2007/09/18/42277/the-benefits-of-transpersonal-coaching.html

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Transpersonal coaching can help you

  • gain an in-depth understanding and development of your ‘spiritual intelligence’
  • to start an enquiry of the different parts of your self and how they affect your personal and professional performance
  • in times of ‘crises’ and ‘failure’ and transform these experiences into successful learning ones
  • gain an understanding of the importance of a stable sense of Self and inner freedom
  • develop an understanding of the significance of the ‘will’ and the importance of motivation, choice, personal responsibility and individual empowerment for a happy fulfilled life

All of this whilst having fun and meeting life and its challenges with curiosity of mind!

Success Story!

I am an executive working in the public sector, part-time therapist and carer for my father. Although I have always been able to fit these things into my life, it has been at the expense of having any free time, or so I thought.

Increasingly, I was becoming anxious, frustrated and dissatisfied about not achieving what I wanted to, and not having the capacity to do anything about it. This is where Kerstin Lindley-Jones and coaching came into my life, and have helped me change things for the better, and for good.

By clarifying my personal values and my roles, I have a clearer sense of self and what I want from life. My personal and professional life have both improved beyond what I thought would be possible, and without compromising my professional performance and/or relinquishing my home responsibility.

I know what I want and who I want to be. I end every day with a feeling of having achieved something for myself and the universe. Above all, I like being alive again, I feel like I have Time back, and that anything is now possible.

– Sophie, December 2009