Take the 100th birthday test


By Clive Lindley-Jones | July 12, 2010 2:39 pm

Last year, I was privileged to travel to Stockholm to attend a relative’s hundredth birthday. It can happen, but just imagine when you are near the end of your life, and perhaps you are lucky enough to be thrown a party, what would you like the speeches to say about you? That you worked really hard, kept an immaculate kitchen floor, ran a superb office and made amazing amounts of money? Probably not. What really counts to most of us are the examples we set, what we do with our lives for good, the relations we have that engender trust, love, warmth and honour. Our power to gently and lovingly see in others perhaps what they have not yet seen in themselves and tease and mentor it out of them. For our lives, in effect, to truly have become masterpieces, to have been a force for good.

*If you are really interested in getting serious about this kind of thing, check out Kerstin’s coaching skills on this. She is a model of how to put this stuff into practice and has a specific series of coaching sessions with selected clients to help them get skilled in stepping beyond the demands of the moment and instead designing and living the life they deserve.

To quote Gandhi, Be the change you want to see in the world.

Now I must stop and get to grips with clearing the clutter from my desk and planning my week!

It concerns us to know the purpose week seek in life, for then, like archers aiming at a definite mark, we shall be more likely to attain what we want. – Aristotle