Effective and Comprehensive

Our treatments have proven to be amazingly effective at tackling a vast range of pains, ailments and conditions. Each treatment has been carefully designed to relieve pain, relax the body and restore physical and psychological well being.

Our confidence in the treatments we use is based not only on research, but also on more than 20 years of experience and results we observe in everyday practice.

We take into account all aspects of your health in this genuinely holistic approach. You will be comprehensively assessed, treated and advised.

Understanding the Pathway to Health

Most of what we do falls into these different types of therapy

    • Physical Medicine: Osteopathy – the intricate relationship between your structure and how you function.
    • Nutritional Medicine: Dietary advice, screening processes and evaluation for allergies, food intolerance, glandular imbalance and other metabolic processes.
    • Electromagnetic Medicine: Meridian Therapy (Acupuncture without needles), Complex Homeopathy, Acupuncture.
    • Psychological Medicine: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Astrological Psychology, Visualisation, Relaxation, Hypnosis, Stress-Management and Goal Setting.

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It is not always easy for you to know whether a natural health practice like Helix House can help with your situation or condition.  Perhaps the best and simplest advice is to ask us!