March 2017: Call for mad cyclists. Plus a new Acupuncturist at Helix House.


By Yan Chee Yu | March 20, 2017 7:40 pm

End To End with Mark, Lee and Clive Plus New Faces at Helix House

This month I want to highlight two exciting events. One a call to arms… or rather legs, for anyone mad enough to join us on a cycle trip the length of the land.

And the second is to welcome Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, trained Acupuncturist Joe Jennings to to Helix House.

Can you help sponsor us, or even better are you up for joining us? Read on!

The ‘Three Score Year and Ten’ cycle ride: Raising funds for the Sunflower Trust.

news-img-3Once upon a time young travel writer Alastair Humphreys wanted an adventure but had no idea how to go about it. So he set off with his bike and tent. And, as he said, if you can cycle for a day in the direction you want to go, put up your tent and get up the next day and do it all again, then what is to stop you cycling around the world?

And so he did, all 46,000 miles through 60 countries over 4 years, all at a total cost of just £7,000. Setting off with so many worries he learnt that he was capable of a lot more than he thought.

(To hear more about Alastair you can hear his TED talk here):


End to End of the country? Well I better get fitter for this!

But we are not planning such a long adventure trip. Merely to cycle from the southwestern tip of GB to the northeastern tip, Lands End to John O’Groats, and doing so in a couple of weeks, what could be easier? A little adventure you could have and still be back home before you had been missed…well not much, anyway.

We are looking for up to three sturdy folk to join us on this challenge and, hopefully, help us raise some much needed for the Sunflower Trust.


The fearsome ‘Watt Bike’. An hour on there and you might tell all our state secrets!

You must be able to cycle several hours day, and still be good company at supper with a beer, and want to help raise some money for charity as you do something a bit remarkable and challenge yourself this summer. We hope to be doing it from around June 20th to July 5th 2017.

Starting at Lands End we plan to follow the back roads where possible, stay in Youth Hostels and B&B’s and have a great time, while challenging our ageing bodies to do something a bit difficult and once again learning, like young Alastair, that we are capable of a lot more than we thought! We need to hear from you very soon if we are to get it planned and book some good places to stay ahead of the crowd. Are you up for it? Do get in touch. You don’t have to be verging 70 to come!


0845 054 7509

Back to Acupuncturist Joe Jennings.joe-pic

If you are not sure what TCM is all about and curious to know if it could help you and your family in any way, now is your chance to find at Joe’s  Forthcoming Taster Day

Suffer with aches and pain, tension and stress, headaches or sleep trouble, anxiety or depression?
Book your taster session today

Joe Jennings, an experienced and registered acupuncturist, will be giving taster seesions throughout the day on the 1st of March. Get in touch to book yours. (ring us on 01865 243351).
For the special Taster Day, each session will last 30 minutes and cost £20.

Joe is a dedicated practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a decade of experience. He works to empower people to understand their bodies and discover the joys of living a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

He began studying TCM after travelling to South East Asia. After experiencing the culture and learning about their holistic approach to health care, where prevention is key and emotional and psychological health is an integrated part of a healthy lifestyle, he was intrigued.

Joe completed his bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University, receiving a 1st class honours as well as an award for excellence from the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Joe has a broad range of clinical experience, having treated a large variety of conditions. His main areas of specialisation are; allergies, insomnia, mental ill health, digestive issues, painful conditions and skin conditions.

Acupuncture: Normal fees are:

1st session 90mins – £65
Follow-ups 60mins – £45

Chinese Herbal Medicine

1st session 60mins – £40
Follow-ups 30mins £25
Herbs (100g/1 month) -£50