Less exercise, more food?


By Clive Lindley-Jones | November 17, 2009 3:57 pm

As is the case in the United States, we in Western Europe are also observing an increasing trend toward less exercise and more
unhealthy food. This behaviour is leading more and more often to such conditions as:

* Hypertension
* Diabetes type 2
* Obesity
* Hypercholesterolemia
* Dyslipidaemia
* The combination of all of these factors: the dangerous metabolic syndrome with its consequences of cardiovascular disease, carcinoma and arthritic complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

So watch this space for more common sense about health and wellness perhaps still in need in a country where, on any given
day, three in ten people are sick or in pain [1], and where 70% of the population is taking medication to treat or prevent ill health or to enhance well-being.[2]

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[1] P. Holford & J. Burne. Food is better medicine than Drugs, 2006. p. 2.
[2] I. Heath ‘Who Needs Health Care- The Well or the Sick?’ British Medical Journal v. 330 (2005): pp.954-6.