Kerstin is an accredited U.K.C.P. transpersonal psychotherapist and has been trained in supervision – a founder member supervision training group, Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, London.

She is available to see people in supervision whether they are working as psychotherapists, counsellors or are working in any other therapeutic capacity, including e.g. art and music.

Kerstin is happy to work both with individuals and groups in supervision.

“For me it was Kerstin’s un-shakability that helped most as I began to trust that I could bring anything I needed to into our sessions. Kerstin always seemed to have faith in me and my abilities, no matter how stuck or uninspired I felt in my work, or what muddle I felt myself and my client to be in. Oftentimes my sense of inadequacy or despair was transformed by the honouring and the deep creativity of the space she provided. Her ability to penetrate gently but firmly through to the core of the matter, along with her presence of love, helped me many times to shift from a place of ego and stuck-ness to a wider, more encompassing soul perspective in my work with clients. The best thing was that I always felt lighter leaving my supervision sessions, more able to be with myself and therefore more able to be with my clients.”

Patricia Amante BSc
Advanced Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in Counselling Psychology
Diploma in Psychotherapy

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