Work /life balance has become a key issue in our ever accelerating lives. But even if you have an optimum working environment and a fabulous boss you may still find that your life feels unbalanced. There is more to life than work!

To take the first step to changing things for the better try checking out our wheel of life exercise to rapidly see how you rate your own life balance.

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  3. State Control – Help yourself feel good anytime you want

If you want more help you may find getting back to us for some high quality coaching could produce the dramatic changes you want, but seem so elusive in your life right now.

Please Note: Unlike most of what we offer at Helix House, coaching can be done on the telephone. So while face to face contact is nice, it is not required. This means that where ever you are in the world we could still help you with NLP Coaching, why not give us a ring?

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